Alberto Amura is an amazing healer, teacher and metaphysician. I have experienced Alberto’s work for several years and he can truly change your life for the better! Alberto has given powerful REIKI treatments, performed integrated energy healing work, dousing and space clearing for me, many of my friends and colleagues and he is truly gifted. Alberto has incredible integrity, he truly cares about his fellow man and he makes a positive difference in countless people’s lives. He has the unique ability to zero in on the areas of the body that need to be healed and he is startlingly accurate in his assessments of the emotional, spiritual and physical challenges that need to be addressed. Alberto has also taught on several of my “Elite Retreats” and he’s an excellent instructor and retreat leader. I highly recommend Alberto Amura’s services and would be honored to be a reference if anyone would like to speak to me about him.

Rita Connor
Elite Resorts & Spas

For the past three years I have had Reiki treatments with Alberto Amura. It has been an honor and privilege to know Alberto and to have these wonderful "healing" treatments. All of the treatments have been helpful and beneficial for me. The following REIKI treatment is just one example of how Alberto's REIKI treatments have made a difference in my life. Before I came to him this one particular day, I was tired, exhausted, and drained after going through the loss of my dear father. I came to him with a headache and the "weight of the world on my shoulders." When I left after the treatment I was headache free, rested, relaxed, and feeling so peaceful. I felt like a new person! Simply put, Alberto is a kind, compassionate, giving and gifted REIKI Master.

Mary M.
Palos Verdes Estates, CA

From the moment I met Alberto, I felt there was something beyond special about him. Something rare. What he teaches in invaluable. He leads you down a path of self discovery, inspiration and change. Although his message is simple, what he speaks about is thought provoking and most important, from the heart and soul. In addition to his teachings, his wonderful talent of REIKI has been truly life changing. One can only understand this by experiencing it themselves. As the Executive Producer of LOHAS, I was thrilled that Alberto accepted our request to have him lead us in a butterfly release for the closing event at this year’s LOHAS Forum. It was an inspiring and joyful experience. Knowing Alberto is a true gift.

Risa Feldman
New Leaf Events and Marketing
Executive Producer - LOHAS

Greetings and sincere gratitude comes your way from fINdings Art Center! First, thank you so much for leading a Creativity evening recently at fINdings Art Center. Your presentation on Responding to Your Creative Soul led people to search and share their insights and “AHA” moments in a wonderful light of trust and openness. Their desire for more such events obviously spoke to the success of the evening…. I am most delighted to tell you that we have officially hung all you work and set up a dedicated area at fINdings for your continuing exhibit.

Annette Ciketic
Owner of fINdings Art Center

Mr. Amura acted as co-founder from 2003-2005 at the Terra Nova Children's Foundation, a sister branch of Terra Nova Center for Integrative and Educational Medicine at that time. His qualifications and credentials are of the highest standard, and his unique combination of scientific understanding and intuition is unsurpassed. Mr. Amura also holds credentials in the Healing Arts, for example REIKI and Dowsing. At the foundation, he acted as a very important instrument in his dowsing-teaching and demonstrations to children. His outstanding professional conduct and his friendly and compassionate nature truly made him one of the best co-workers at the foundation.

Dr. Angelika Maria Koch
D.N.M. RSHom H.N.H.Ir / Scl
Doctor of Natural & Integrated Medicine
Health Consultant

I took Alberto Amura's course "The Science of Energy Healing" at the UNM Taos campus this spring (2008) and finally now understand what energy healing is and why it is so utterly different from, but not necessarily in conflict with, allopathic medicine. I could see the connection between the many threads of alternative healing and the underlying view of our universe which they all reflect. It even shifted my view of who I am and empowered me to work in a new way, from a new perspective, on my own health. It vastly expanded the actions I now know I can take in my own behalf, and for others. It was a consciousness expanding experience.

Linda Moscarella
Taos NM

Everytime you are in town my soul leaps for joy! You are a clear channel of God's love and light. The energy that is transmitted from heaven, through your hands and into my body is in the purest and highest vibration... it makes my entire body vibrate. Tears of joy flood my face as I lay there receiving God's love and grace... I am in His presence and all the angels and saints are with us. I enter the place where God's messages are clearly heard, and I carry that bliss, that knowing and that love with me as I leave your studio. Thank you for stepping aside and allowing God to work through you... you are a blessing to us all.


It has been a privilege to have worked with Alberto Amura here at El Monte Sagrado Living Resort & Spa. Our guests have high expectations not only for levels of service, but also for the authenticity and results of services here at the Living Spa. In Aberto’s services, our guests have consistently been rewarded with his genuine, caring approach and his ability to deliver a world class experience. Alberto has been an invaluable asset to the Living Spa’s Special Offerings Menu.

Mark Amoriello
Living Spa Director
El Monte Sagrado Living Resort & Spa
(575) 737-9886

When I first met Alberto, I was in a state of deep grief and emotional pain and was having trouble being productive and positive. Shortly after beginning Reiki treatments, I began to have a sense of being washed clean, from the inside out. My state of mind improved immensely, and bodily aches and pains started to disintegrate. Early on, both Alberto and I also felt that a clearing of my home and property, using his considerable Biogeometry skills, would support my personal treatments and aid in inducing a state of well-being in all who lived here, human and animal. This was an eye-opening experience. Working both remotely and on-site, Alberto identified hidden energy pathways that contained both positive sources of light and power as well as negative blockages and points of energetic stagnation. All were treated, and in the ensuing weeks literally everything on and in the property perked up. Even the plant life. We are all humming and thriving!

Malibu, CA

Alberto is a magnificent healer and alchemist. The wisdom and compassion that he shares through his work is truly inspiring. He is an equally amazing artist. When I am with him, there is a power about him, but the power is in his peace and balance. When you are around Alberto, you know you are in the presence of someone magical.

Heather Askinosie - Owner
Energy Muse - Jewelry
(310) 787-8443

In 2006, my beloved 11-year old horse, Bold Brahim ("Jesse") was diagnosed via an MRI with a deep flexor tendon injury inside his right hoof capsule. His condition was so severe that veterinarian specialists were certain that Jesse would never recover. Shortly after I received the heartbreaking news, Rita Connor of Elite Resorts and Spas suggested a Reiki session for me with Alberto. Instincts and my will to do whatever I could for my 4-legged friend prompted me to ask her, “Does he work on horses?”. He didn’t (then), but after speaking with Alberto on the phone and becoming intrigued by the idea of Reiki and his background, I asked him to see us during his next visit to Los Angeles from Taos, New Mexico. When he arrived at the stables for our appointment, I was hopeful yet uncertain and unprepared for what I was about to experience. I quietly watched as he placed his hands and an amethyst crystal on my high-spirited Jesse's forehead and, to my amazement, my horse lifted his front right leg and held it suspended at chest level with his eyes closed. Coincidence? Some say absolutely. But, in my heart I know . . . not a chance. And, there began the start of regular Reiki sessions and many more fascinating communications between Jesse and our special new friend, Alberto.

Two years later, I am deeply grateful that the tendon is healed, Jesse is perfectly healthy and we are happily riding together again. In addition to Alberto's healing touch contributing to our wonderful success story, I thank him for guiding me with his wisdom and his knowledge of the power of positive thinking, patience and visualization during a very slow and challenging healing process. God was at the helm no doubt, but Alberto I know was sent by Him to hold my hand and help Jesse and me on our life changing journey.

Diane Barber, ASID
Interior Designer

It has been my pleasure to have known Alberto for several years both professionally and personally…I was fortunate enough to experience his intuitive side after I decided to buy a business-an art gallery. Alberto’s judgment and intuition were astounding correct and as a result I have seen a tremendous difference in the energy of my business space as well as in myself. By following his recommendations and guidance I am seeing my business flourish.

I believe in what Alberto is doing so much that I asked him to do the same cleansing work on my home. Again I felt a difference immediately and am looking forward to enjoying a happy, healthy environment as I continue to pay attention to his suggestions.

Jan Mellor
The Taos Gallery-Taos NM USA

Alberto Amura has been instrumental in developing and teaching courses in energy medicine and metaphysics for the University of New Mexico in Taos. His wealth of knowledge and experience as a teacher and healer is well recognized by students and colleagues. Mr. Amura has contributed to the knowledge base of energy medicine and its application in the field of integrative health.

Jean Ellis-Sankari
LISW, Associate Professor of Holistic Health and Human Services

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