Subtle Enhancement of Spaces

Along with the architecture, materials, color, interior design, and elements of a residence or workplace, all the events and related strong emotions that might have taken place in that environment will leave a direct subtle energy imprint into the elements of the space, and remain active for many years after the event depending of its intensity and recurrence. Along with circumstances and events that have taken place in a land or property, other important factors also influence the environment such as strong Earth energies (geopathic stress) originated from the geology of the land, as well as the electromagnetic radiation generated from power lines, and electrical and electronic installations in the property. Psychic energies also might play a role in the feeling and ambiance of a place. Such subtle factors will have an influence, either positive or negative, on those who reside, visit, or work in those spaces, according to the type of energies that are emanated from them. Animals and plants can be affected by such subtle factors. Noxious and stagnant energies can build up in the spaces over time, and interfere with the performance and wellbeing of those regularly exposed to them, especially if they are oversensitive. Inhabitants and visitors might feel tired and depressed; have sleeping problems, trouble concentrating and in performing their business, including easy mood changes.

A typical property healing and enhancing consultation includes the analysis of the land and basic layout of the building from the blueprint or full sketch of the property, which I usually do remotely regardless the location. After detecting all the noxious factors and beneficial area/s if present, I perform the basic clearing of the space over the blueprint, determining additional cures and reinforcements, as well as any recommendations.  Then, and depending on the size, needs, and complexity of the project, I could visit the actual premises to complete the work using crystals and hand-made copper elements that I activate and create, which are positioned at key areas of the property. In addition, I provide advice on interior and outdoor design elements such as fixtures, furniture, artworks, antiques and decorations, and on any element that might influence, create or affect the beneficial flow and ambiance of the place.  The fees are based on the type, size and use of the property, as well as any additional services and consulting provided. I also provide subtle scanning of existent artworks, decorative fixtures, and antiques to assess the quality of their subtle resonance field and/or any attached adverse emotional energy, including when possible its neutralization.