Remote and Onsite Environmental Healing

Environmental Healing
Space Clearing
Alberto Amura Part 1

Environmental Healing
Space Clearing Crystals – Water Holds Memory
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“The greatest influence in our life, stronger than our will power, is our environment. Change it, if necessary.”
Paramahansa Yogananda – Autobiography of a Yogi

My subtle environmental services are oriented to neutralize and contribute to the protection of the environment from noxious subtle energies and other destabilizing factors, as well as to enhance the quality, ambiance and well-being at the spaces, consequently creating a welcoming abode for residents, visitors, and all sentient beings in them. My clients include private owners, developers, and interior designers, and my experience includes residential and commercial projects, resorts, and hotels.

By combining my intuitive and healing skills, a background and experience in science and environmental work, and a practical knowledge on the field of applied metaphysics, I created an effective and non-invasive method to heal and enhance an environment. My method comprises the fields of Radiesthesia and Dowsing, the Egyptian science of Biogeometry®, the basic principles of Feng Shui, Reiki, and the subtle alchemical power of symbols and crystals, along with my field experience.


  • Remote scanning of land and facilities for the detection of potential subtle noxious factors, integrated western bagua map, and related report and recommendations, includingspecific hand-made cures as suitable. This service includes the localizing of beneficial sites and favorable areas for specific activities. Additional on-site work could be included as needed.
  • Advice about interiors and outdoors’ features, materials, and functional and decorative elements toward the balancing and/or enhancement of a space energy and ambiance, and provide solutions to harmonize existing properties or facilities according to their use.
  • Review the subtle influence of materials, colors, light and fixtures planned for key areas (public areas, retail, amenities, event spaces, meeting rooms, gym and swimming pools, special activities, educational spaces, restaurant space, kitchen, gardens, etc.), and provide alternatives and advice.
  • Energetically scan and assess art and decorative pieces planned for indoor and outdoor spaces to probe their subtle field and influence on the ambient and, in the case of an energetically unfitting piece already existing or purchased, I will find and discuss ways to neutralize its effect.
  • Advice on the acquisition and placement of natural crystals, rock elements, and related forms and materials to provide subtle clearing, grounding, and ambience’s enhancement of public and group activity areas, according to location on the land and the activities performed in the spaces.
  • Conception and design support for the creation and enhancement of special activity areas such as labyrinths, contemplative places, circle gatherings/kivas, and other healing spaces.
  • Custom design of healing and enhancing artworks including integrated resonance symbols and tridimensional mandalas.
  • Advice and provide solutions on potentially subtly polluted land and buildings.
  • Advice and provide solutions on challenging situations at a property or business.
  • Individual integrated healing (with the environmental services).