Reiki Courses – Energy Healing

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, which also promotes healing. It is administered by the “laying on of hands,” and is based on the principle of an invisible energy; “The vital or Universal force,” which flows through us, and is what makes us live. In general, the full flow of vital energy is limited by the personal ego, energetic blockages, emotional imbalances, and/or karmic patterns. When we consciously let that Vital Energy connect with us fully through meditation, the conscious development of the encounter with our true “Self”, and the practice of Reiki if this is part of our life, all aspects of our body are harmonized and benefited. If the level of “vital energy” is low, then we are more likely to feel powerless and without internal balance. Reiki is primarily a system of personal balance and healing, in which daily meditation and inner work are elemental to be able to practice it on ourselves and on others, and have a continuous and dynamic flow of Universal Energy.

The Reiki method of natural healing is a handed down tradition; a master teaches students in small groups, passing on the knowledge and attuning the student, so that she/he can become a conscious and clear open channel to the Reiki healing Energy. Anyone with a desire to share love, nurturing, and healing can become a conduit for Reiki. The Reiki attunement brings high frequency energies into the body, which have the capacity to recharge it, clear blockages, strengthen the connection to the Universal Life Energy, and activate the Reiki flow for healing. The attunement is also a catalyst for the awakening of inner skills. After the attunement, you will be able to sense and more effectively direct the Universal Energy for healing to yourself and to others.


It focuses on the person, especially in its energy cleansing and balancing. The initiate learns the practice of self-application and passes through the initiation ritual, which provides an energy protection, ensuring a balanced and harmonious flow of Reiki energy. Some teachers give the power symbol for students at this level, although in general, is given on the second level.


This part of the course focuses on the emotional and mental aspects. It works in a special way, promoting a change in emotional and mental patterns of the person who practices it. In the practical aspect of this level, the student learns alternative techniques for the use of Reiki, including distant healing and groups healing. The mental symbol and distance-healing symbol are taught, as well as other symbols, depending on the type of Reiki taught.

REIKI LEVEL 3 A – Master Practitioner

At this level, the student already has a vision of how Reiki has become important for his/her life and service, and how he/she can benefit from it. This completes the final initiation process, leaving the Reiki channel open for the rest of their lives. The focus of this level is to refine the technique, and to teach complementary techniques, including auric cleansing, and the method to circulate and keep the cosmic energy in the body, which is implemented during the initiation and other related applications.

REIKI LEVEL 3 B – Master Teacher

It focuses on deepening the Reiki method, preparing the person to be responsible for the formation of others who wish to be initiated into Reiki. Students learn and practice techniques that will enable them to teach Reiki effectively, and to provide all 3 levels of initiation.