In addition to the lectures/workshops described below, I also provide motivational talks to groups and organizations and lead weekend retreats on meditation and integrative healing.

Workshops and Lectures

Topics are offered either as a lecture of 1 1/2 to 2 hours or as a hands-on full day workshop of 7 hours with break time

In addition to the lectures/workshops described below, I organize and lead weekend retreats and/or workshops on meditation and healing

Grounding and Protection Tools for Therapists, Trainers, and Healers

If one needs protection, the obvious question is, "from what?" The need for protection assumes that there are negative influences that could have an effect on our body, mind and environment. Identifying those negative influences and their source, as well as providing methods and techniques to create an effective “protection tool box” for any situation and environment, is the focus of this seminar.

Environmental Alchemy- An integrative New Paradigm in the Design and Improvement of Living and Working Spaces

When we visit an ancient sacred site we can easily feel the distinct positive and grounding energy of the place, and recognize the harmonious flow and connection of its structures with the environment and the cosmos. What makes a space so powerful and attractive to our inner senses? Can we replicate that energy and feeling in our own living and working spaces? What factors, physical and subtle, should we consider to create a positive and healing space? During this seminar I will answer those questions and explore the invisible world of environmental subtle energies and their interaction with living beings. Topics will include geopathic stress, thought fields and intentional imprints, vortexes, and the effect of crystals, colors, and other elements from the domain of psycho-energetic. In addition, I will discuss practical ways to neutralize noxious energies and activate beneficial ones.

Reiki Healing-Training and Initiation for Levels I, II and III (includes Certification from the International Association of Reiki Practitioners)

The Reiki method of natural healing is a handed down tradition. A master teaches students in small groups, passing on his/her knowledge so that the energy can grow within the Universe. Anyone with a desire to share love, nurturing and healing can become a channel for Reiki Energy. In studying Reiki, as with most other healing techniques, the individual makes a commitment to understand the methods and philosophy behind the practice and to use that which is learned for the highest and greatest good. Energy Healing -First Degree Reiki will provide you with an introduction to the history of Reiki, energy healing concepts, protection and clearing techniques, as well as endowing you with the ability to receive and provide healing through the attunement. The unique Reiki attunements bring high frequency healing energies which are powerful and effective, clearing away blockages and strengthening your connection to the Universal Life Energy. After the attunement, you will be able to sense and more effectively direct this Universal Energy for healing to yourself and to others. Full day and weekend workshops only. Certificate from the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP).

Dowsing & the Realm of Subtle Energies

Dowsing is an ancient practice that has been used to find water, lost objects, minerals, and useful information. It is an art and a science which can be used in many different ways, spontaneously tapping the basic human ability to be drawn to what it needs and wants to know. In this seminar you will explore and learn the principles, history, methods, and applications of Dowsing (Radiesthesia), and practice basic techniques for the programming and use of the Pendulum and L-rods. In addition, you will be introduced to avant-garde scientific views about subtle energies, information field, and the quantum aspects of reality.

The Power to Bring Healing to Your Life

Our modern society expends large amounts of resources in the treatment of physical and psychological problems, often focusing on the symptoms without resolving the original cause, and with the additional risk of creating a new problem due to the indiscriminate use of drugs. In the midst of all the pressures, exigencies, and the non-stop decision making that rule our life, we forget the most essential responsibility; the healing of the Self in relation to the Whole. During this lecture we will discuss the concepts of healing and curing and the mind-environment effect over the body’s structure and functions, along with an integrative approach toward creating a healthy, balanced, and productive life.

The Physics and Metaphysics of the Universe: An Integrative and Holistic Overview of What We Call “Reality”

Through modern science we know that “reality” is a manifestation of energy through the space-time continuum. But there it is not an easy to find, simple and clear, explanation about how that happens, and how those energy manifestations shape the “physical” world and interact with it and with us. In this seminar I will take on the riddle of energy, matter, space, and time, and present a basic background on the theories about the structure and dynamics of the Universe and the links between traditional science, metaphysics, and spirituality.

Water: The Blood and Memory of the Planet

Water is an essential element that we use every day and, in most of the developed world, we take for granted. But water holds deep and miraculous properties, both physical and metaphysical, and is becoming the most endangered element of our Planet. In this lecture I present and integrative view of water and its properties, both physical and metaphysical, and discuss ways to use it properly, protect it, and heal it.

Developing Inner Skills in Children

Short practical seminars for children (8 years of age and older) – 3 hours workshop w/break:

This seminar is aimed to guide children to discover their inner skills and develop awareness, focus, intuition, and the power to understand and transmute negative feelings, enhance creativity, and improve their ability for problem-solving. The topics include breathing exercises, meditation, grounding techniques, and sensing subtle energy, while discovering the power of the mind through fun exercises and games.

Most of the topics described above can be presented as basic short seminars, full day, and weekend workshops (with certification)

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