The greatest influence in our life, stronger even that our will power, is our environment. Change that, if necessary

Paramahansa Yogananda
Autobiography of a Yogi

Enhance the Wellbeing of your Family and Pets and the Success of your Business by Clearing your Environment of Detrimental Energies and Improving the Level and Flow of Beneficial Ones

What is Environmental Energy Analysis and Healing of Spaces (EEAHS)?

Did You Know...
In Austria and Germany, before a house or a school is built, it is recommended that the site be checked for geopathic stress?

We can consider Environmental Energy Analysis and Healing of Spaces as a science that was widely used by ancient cultures to program, build and to “activate” their sacred sites and buildings. For example, The Chinese used its principles in creating the science of Feng Shui, and in ancient India the “science of structures,” called Vaastu, was developed seven thousand years ago. In medieval times master architects and masons used some of those ancient principles to build cathedrals and citadels, but this knowledge has been virtually forgotten in the Western world since then.

As Einstein proved, everything in existence, sentient and non-sentient, is ultimately a field of energy. This means that our abodes and structures are also composed of this “synergizing” energy. There is no quantum separation between our environment and our thoughts, emotions, intentions, and actions, which are also made of life-force energy. Hence, the vibrations found in a living space can be life-suppressing or life-enhancing, depending on the type of energy embedded and/or generated in that space. Those energies or vibrations will definitely affect the mental and physical health of the people exposed to that space and their conscious or unconscious reaction to that environment.

Modern architecture and engineering practices that focus on sustainable design and environmental technologies can integrate environmental analysis and healing into their work to create healthy and healing spaces, such as those built by ancient cultures. These spaces are positively synergized with Nature, with people, and with the whole spectrum of what we call reality.

My practice combines my background in science and metaphysics, Reiki, and the training I have in the fields of subtle energies, space healing, radiestheisa, Biogeometry®, and symbology, with my natural intuition and energy healing abilities. Through research and field experience I have developed a unique and effective technique to localize, analyze, heal, and enhance the energy fields in living spaces.

About My Technique

Alberto Amura

I can adapt the EEAHS technique to the type and use of virtually any space, integrating several analysis methods and using a basic protocol to evaluate, clear and enhance the physical and subtle energy of an environment.

By the use of radiesthesia devices and charts, and my intuition, I analyze subtle radiations to detect unique energy fields emanating from architectural forms, ornamental elements, antiques, natural formations, and artworks (as applicable), and to determine adverse or beneficial energy fields and the strength and direction of the emanations.

I combine the use of Biogeometry ®, which is a technique of space healing developed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, an Egyptian architect, with my advanced radiesthesia methods. I also work with forms, copper symbols and crystals to clear adjust and/or enhance subtle energies. In addition, I can design and create healing forms (healing art) for specific spaces.

The EEAHS method effectively identify and clear adverse energy fields of natural origin as well as those originating from unconscious thought patterns, emotions, traumas, and or entities.

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