Physical and subtle factors to be considered for a healthy and healing living and working space

Physical & Mental

To create a physically and psychologically safe, uplifting, and inspiring living and/or working space

  • Design and Materials
    • Design Principles
    • Safe Materials (People/Environment)
    • Light and Color
    • Sound
    • Decorative and Motivational Elements
  • Air Quality
  • Water Quality

Subtle (metaphysical)

To bring beneficial, positive, and healing energies and neutralize noxious ones

  • Geopathic and other Earth Subtle Energies that can affect people, animals and plants. These energies are originated from the planet’s energy fields and turned noxious by the effect of both natural factors such as underground water streams, geological faults, certain minerals deposits, and other unknown causes, as well as by man-made structures such as underground developments and tunnels, and the disturbance or destruction of natural formations and landscape. An example of a geopathic stress field is the disturbed crossing of Earth energy grids (Curry lines).
  • Disturbed Ley lines. Ley lines are ancient man made energy lines connecting sacred spaces using the Earth energies to activate them. When a lay lane is blocked or their structural origin removed or destroyed, its beneficial or neutral energy becomes harmful.
  • Disturbed Entities and Presences (human and non-humans) and their T-fields*.
  • Disturbed Elementals (nature spirits)
  • Electromagnetic Radiation from electrical and EM sources (microwave towers, electrical towers and transformers, electrical wiring in a house, appliances, etc).
  • Thought/Emotional Fields. T-fields are strong emotions and psychological unbalances created by past or current traumatic situations and experiences that became attached to the environment and/or to an object related to that traumatic event. A T-field can affect the emotional field of people and animals living in that environment or exposed to that object (such as an antique bed or any piece of furniture, collectible weapon, artwork, etc). An apartment or business could have the T-field of the previous occupants’ traumatic or stressful experiences and influence the new ones. T-Fields can remain in the environment for hundred of years depending on the strength of the field and its origin.
  • Flow of Chi (Universal Energy) in the environment. This energy is vital for the body and should flow easily throughout a living space.
  • Beneficial Energy Spots and Earth Cosmic Vortexes. Positive spots can be projected to neutralize adverse energies, clear energy stagnant spaces, and/ or enhance the beneficial properties of a living space.
  • Detection, analysis and clearing of adverse energies and creation, implementation, and/or enhancement of beneficial ones.
  • Creation of Sacred and Healing Spaces, and placement or creation of healing elements such as Labyrinths and Shrines.
  • Use of Energy Enhancing Designs, Forms, Sacred Geometry, Symbols, and Biogeometry®


To live a healthy, fulfilling and productive life

Perception-Thought-Intention-Manifestation: The inner environment of a person influences its outer environment and the people and animals in it.

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