I am originally from Argentina, and I lived 29 years in the United States. Before dedicating full time to my Integrated Energy Healing practice, I worked in the fields of education, industrial chemistry, and environmental technologies and design. My formal instruction includes a professorship in natural sciences with specialization in biology, studies in industrial chemistry, psychology in education, and fine arts. In addition to my intuitive healing skills, that were evident earlier in my life, I am a certified Reiki Master teacher, and I trained with shamans and healers during my 9 years in Taos, New Mexico, US. I have a Master of Science in Metaphysics and a certification in Biogeometry®, which is the science of balancing the energies of spaces developed by the Egyptian architect and researcher Dr. Ibrahim Karim. I studied with Dolores Canon, and received a certification in quantum healing hypnosis technique from the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy, as well as I have participated in courses and workshops of The American Society of Dowsers, of which I am a member. In addition to my practice as a professional radiesthesist, specialized in the identification and neutralization of subtle adverse energies in spaces, I am also a designer of resonance symbols and artworks to enhance and harmonize spaces. As an instructor and speaker, I direct retreats and workshops on healing and Reiki, radiesthesia, space harmonization, meditation, and metaphysics. I am a former faculty member of the Holistic Health and Human Services Program at the University of New Mexico, Taos Campus, where I introduced students to the scientific bridge between modern science, energy healing methods, and metaphysics.

In my practice of energetic healing, I have an integrated vision where I take into account all levels of our human structure and its relationship with the spiritual, metaphysical, environmental and educational aspects of our reality. I believe that the best way to facilitate the healing and evolution of the human race is to respect, protect and emulate the wisdom of our Planet and Nature, to promote and implement systematic global programs to awaken our conscience, intuition, and heart centered spirituality, thus motivating our unity as a species, so full of resources in our differences, beyond any religious dogma and egocentric social, economic and political competitions.