Alberto Amura

Alberto A. Amura

My interest in the fine arts started early in my life through the tutoring of my Italian father who taught me drawing and oil painting. I studied art with emphasis on watercolor at the Instituto de Arte Zartco Shimat, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The chosen medium for my visionary healing art is watercolor which I use as thick layers of surface color mixing, detailed dry brush applications, and flat-wash techniques. My palette is an essential mixture of warm colors where red and orange hues are dominant. I am an active member of the Taos National Society of Watercolorists.

Original artwork and prints are available at:
fINdings Art Center
470 W 6th Street
San Pedro, CA - USA
Phone (310) 832-0815

To order prints (prints are set on watercolor paper, gilded, and signed), please complete the website's contact form with your information and the title of the artwork/s that you are interested in. I will e-mail price and related details.